Adventure Vacation in Bali

by Cristina on February 24, 2011

by Cristina | February 24th, 2011  

Bali is famous for its varied landscape, with hills, mountains, rivers and beaches…which makes it ideal for an adventure vacation. With superb diving and snorkeling spots, as well as spiritual culture, the Island of the Gods is drawing tourists from all over the world.

If you fancy an adventure vacation here, make sure to look up travel insurance for Bali and buy it when you make the other travel arrangements. Just make sure the policy covers whatever unusual things to do in Bali you have in mind.

The range of adventure vacations in Bali is … large, to say the least. From the heart-pumping to the rather stupid ones [blame the tour adventure companies for this] , you’ve got a lot to try. Still, we recommend sticking to the real neat adventures! Such as…walking on the bottom of the ocean. It’s a unique form of diving and definitely one that makes your heart beat faster.

If you are into climbing then Gunung Agung will be an interesting challenge for you. Remember you need to be fit and carry a lot of water with you. Don’t try this one during the wet season though.

I’ve got my heart set on Bungy Jumping for several years but never managed to actually do it … I still have hope and some locations in mind, though. In Bali, there’s quite an “exotic” place to do it: in the grounds of the Double Six nightclub.

White water rafting, submarine dives and helicopter rides can also compete for the title of wild adventures while in Bali.

So, have you looked for flights to Bali yet?

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Liudmila February 27, 2011 at 12:27 pm

It’s my dream to see this life with my own eyes. I read interesting things about the spiritual life in Baly and this is what I wanted to learn more ,too. Well, probably, it’s unpossible for me to see this my dream to become reality, but I will read more your posts with great pleasure.

Leo April 4, 2011 at 10:42 pm

Bali is really a destination that has a lot to offer. From hotel accommodations to beach resort you will never regret staying for a holiday vacation.


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