Adventure racing 101: A quick-start guide

This is one of the better primers on Adventure racing that I’ve seen. Among the many keys to crossing the finish line conscious and with all organs intact: Never stopping to eat, even while mountain biking or paddling. Some one is going to make a fortune selling Bento Box rigs that slide right on to your mountain bike. Now all we need is some sort of dwarf that mounts to the handle bars to work the chop sticks.  This beginners’ guide includes valuable tips on hiking, orienteering, paddling, mountain biking, climbing and teamwork and comes from Robyn Benincasa, who:

has competed in over 15 expedition length adventure races and has won both the Eco-Challenge (Borneo 2000) and the Raid Gauloises (1998). When she’s not out playing with her new kiwi teammates on Team Merrell/Zanfel Adventure, she can be found at her real job as a firefighter for the City of San Diego or working on her newest passion: bringing the teamwork skills of adventure racing and firefighting to the corporate world through and