Adventure Racing Season Heats Up…

September is a big month for the sport of Adventure Racing.  As temperatures cool off heading into autumn, conditions become ideal to take up the quest for complete and total physical exhaustion. This weekend, races are scheduled to take place in Iowa, South Carolina, Texas and Georgia. Personally, I’m going to be keeping my eyes on the LungBuster, a twelve-hour race at Wolf Creek Ski Area in Colorado on September 16. The race is run entirely above 9,000 feet, including some great stretches of the Continental Divide Trail.

Another race that looks to push the envelope this month is Bushwak This! on the same day in Wasilla, Alaska. This one’s a qualifying race for the 2006 USARA National Championship qualifier.  Course looks like mountain biking, orienteering, bushwackin, moose avoiding, trekking and paddling. Bear spray is optional.  Having spent some time in Wasilla, I would advise it. If you can find some “Bubba” spray, I highly advise using it as well. Apologies to any undeserving Texas transplants. Oh, and one other thing – it’s been flooding in the air for about the last month. Race is still on, but the course is soggy. Might wanna try and find some, uh, mud spray while you’re at it.

For a calendar of Adventure Races across the country, check out the United States Adventure Racing Association website.