Franco – Adventure Island Racing

grandraid2006.jpgWho says the French don’t know how to have a good adventure here and there? After all, you can only consume so much wine and cheese… Every year tons of folks on the island of Reunion make their way across the local volcano for no apparent reason, except perhaps that they’ve had too much wine and cheese. This is from Global Voices Online:

LSZ Blog describes (Fr) La Diagonale des Fous, [Diagonal of the Crazies] an annual hike across the local volcano. He explains that every year “they assemble in a small town in the southeast of the island, with the obsessive idea of reaching the other side of the island as fast as they can and by foot. A mysterious fascination pushes them to … be hot by day, cold by night, … be sleepy, have hurting feet … to finally reach the Indian Ocean after a diagonal of 140km. They have prepared for months.” This year is the 14th Diagonale.