Hit the River in Central America this Spring!

Hey paddleheads! Time to get in some serious jungle strokes at the tenth annual La Ruta Maya River Challenge — the longest canoe race in Central America –  from March 8th – 11th, 2007.  For more details start at Belize Vacations and Adventure Travel Blog.
Now here’s some of the low-down:

Beginning in the scenic foothills of the Maya Mountains and finishing in the bustling port city of Belize City, the race will travel from West to East along the historic river trail of the Macal and Belize Rivers. Once the only link between the two coasts, these tributaries served as a major trading route for Belize’s once powerful Mayan civilization. Today, the La Ruta Maya River trail still follows in the footsteps of its legendary past with a route of lush, unspoiled landscapes lined with exotic flora and fauna.

In addition to being hailed as Belize’s most competitive sporting event, La Ruta Maya River Challenge is also one of the country’s largest collaborative conservation efforts. Held in the spirit of preservation and revitalization of Belize’s precious waterways, the La Ruta Maya will donate all proceeds to local environmental groups that help sustain and keep the river clean.

For more information on the race,  www.travelbelize.org.