Nike/Powerblast wins RAID World Championship

RAID winnersA team made up of Americans and New Zealanders has crossed the finish line in the World Championships of adventure racing, which were run all week long in Quebec, beginning Sunday. Here’s what RAID reporter had Chris Archer had to say about the team’s final surge to hold off encroaching French teams and come away with the title:

Five days and 1,000km after taking the start of this 3rd edition of The Raid World Championship on the shores of Lake Chigoubiche, the Legends of NIKE/POWERBLAST (USA/NZ) cruised into Tadoussac, located on the mouth of the Saguenay Fjord, to an accolade worthy of champions.

Mike KLOSER, Sari ANDERSON, Michael TOBIN and Richard USSHER completed the final sea-kayaking section, 18km around the headland into the picturesque port of Tadoussac, Canada’s oldest village, on waters that were as calm and serene as the athletes themselves.

It hadn’t always been so: “The last 24 hours have been very stressful and we were glad to be able to sleep this morning after the MTB,” explained Richard. “We are all very happy to win what is unquestionably the hardest race in the world, especially as competing with the French adds a competitive edge that no other race can boast,” the Kiwi concluded, the sound of sirens and applause still ringing in the air.