A primer for Conversation at the Beijing Olympics

This is from the official website of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. It’s a list of suggested responses for possible questions that might come up for Chinese folks interacting with Westerners. So don’t be surprised if you run into a lot of Chinese folks willing to agree with everything you say…
1. Westerner: Do you agree with me?

Chinese Local: Absolutely, I agree with you.

2. Westerner: China is developing so quickly.

Chinese Local: Exactly.

3. Westerner: Chinese food is so good.

Chinese Local: I feel the same way.

4.Westerner:Chinese culture is very different from western culture.

Chinese Local: You’re so right.

5. Westerner: Chinese is so difficult.

Chinese Local: You can say that again.

6. Westerner: I feel like taking a break.

Chinese Local: That’s a good idea.

7. Westerner: China has a lot of problems.

Chinese Local: I don’t think so.

8. Westerner: Japan is our biggest competition.

Chinese Local: I’m afraid I disagree.