Adventure Destination & Blog: Sakhalin Island

Few personal blogs are compelling enough to get me to read more than a few paragraphs, but this one had me clicking on links all over the place. White Sun of the Desert belongs to a british guy who met an Uzbek woman while visiting Dubai, married her, and now lives in Sakhalin Island in far eastern russia. You can read all about the adventure with plenty of photos and fascinating descriptions of far-flung Russia, which is currently undergoing a staggering oil boom.

In fact, it sounds like Sakhalin could be quite the adventure destination, as long as you don’t mind laying out quite a few rubles. Boomtowns don’t come cheaply.  But what is there to do in an oil-rich Russian Island? Well, if you’re boned up enough on your Russian, you can start here to learn about the Sakhalin Snowboarding Community.