Adventure Destination: Ghana through the blog’s eyes

Planning an African adventure? Here’s a couple links to get you started on the ground in Ghana:

In I’m Ghana go to Accra: “Brian” shares his Random Ruminations on life in the country:

“Walking is an acquired skill here. The stations are reduced to mud pits when it rains and the walkways are full of potholes and uneven terrain. Tripping is inevitable and falling into a sewer is a constant concern of mine. Ghanaian’s are just great walkers. I can only assume that walking through a bed of rocks, jumping over a pipeline, and crossing makeshift wooden bridges in heels with your groceries on your head is an incredible feat. “

The blog Canadian Couple Relishes Acronyms has an invaluable primer on daily life. My favorite tip:

“Hissing: Man, there are some things you don’t even want an explanation for. Instead of yelling “Hey you!” to get someone‘s attention, people here hiss at each other. Whereas back home there is the potential for confusion if the person you are yelling at does not speak English (or is standing next to former UN Secretary General U Thant), here there is the potential for confusion if the person you are hissing at has even a moderate fear of snakes. I swear that I’ve become so used to it that I could run into a giant, deadly snake in the forest, assume it is trying to sell me something (mud flaps?), and keep on walking. In fact, if I had to put money on the way I would die in this country, that would be it (and the mud flaps would prove to be garish and impractical). “

Also check out An American in Africa and US-based Ghanian blogger Crossed Crocodiles.