Adventure Opportunity: Tribewanted – Vorovoro

Do you ever sit down to watch an episode of “Lost” and find yourself totally irritated within five minutes by how perfect everyone’s hair and make-up is after months on the island? And where do the women keep finding new outfits? Life on most tropical islands is nothing like “Survivor” or “Lost.”  But now a few brits have put together a real world experiment in Island life with a mission centered around sustainability rather than cheap entertainment.

Check out the website Tribewanted: Vorovoro to find out how you can join a tribe in the South Pacific that aims to build a small community on a Fijian island, and they hope to do it without any backstabbing.  In a nutshell, the deal is this: The group is signing up 5,000 tribal members at a cost of roughly $220 per year (the experiment is slated to last three years).  The cost of tribal membership gains you entry into the tribal decision making process, which is done online, then executed on the island. At any given time there are only 100 tribal members actually on the island, and each tribal member is entitled to a week’s stay on the island per annual membership (check out the site for more details on how this actually works). Tribe members have to pay for their own flight to Fiji and then another island-hopper flight to Vorovoro, but your membership takes care of your ride from the airport and all your meals.  Check out the site to get the rest of the details. There’s still over 3,000 spots left in the tribe!