Adventure Travel: The List of 2007 Best-of lists

There’s no easier gimmick in travel writing than the “list.” You know, the top ten travel trends, travel destinations, travel wet-naps, whatever… But I guess I’m a sucker, because I’ve always got to check them out to see what’s new, I swear it’s worse than picking up Us Weekly at the checkout.  Anyhow, here’s a few I found interesting:

 – 2007 Top Travel Trends:  Family adventure travel makes this list, which I figure isn’t a great sign for the future of true adventure. Also making this Canadian list is the resurgence of Jamaica, and apparently Panama is the new Costa Rica, whatever that means.

Frommer’s Hot Places to Visit: At last, Ethiopa, Krakow, Portland, Oregon and Portland, Maine together like they were meant to be!

Great places for British people to enjoy the pound’s complete and total domination of the dollar: You limey bastards.