Backpacking the Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

Many would say the the Himalays have some of the best hiking in the world. If that’s the case, then the Annapurna Circuit may very well be the best backpacking trip ever. This 17 to 25 day hike will take you through rice patties, narrow foot bridges, secluded mountain side teahouses, and up 17,000 feet.

There’s something enchanting and humbling about this part of the world. Many of the people here have lived the same way for centuries. Backpackers who visit this region of the world often fall in love with its people, its way of life, and its breath taking views.

Permits Needed

Several permits are needed to get anywhere near the Annapurna Circuit. First you will need a visa to enter Nepal. This can found at the airport or embassies. Next you will need to acquire a trekking permit. These can be found in Katmandu or Pokhara.

When to Go

October and November are probably the best times of the year to visit. This is when the weather is the most cooperative and the, temperatures, warm, and flowers in bloom.

What to Bring

A good sleeping pad and 3 season bag are the only real must haves. The ample number of teahouses and “hotels” along the trail mean you can leave the tent and cooking gear at home. You will, more than likely, want to bring some form of water treatment.