Cycling the Loire River, France

bike.jpgWhile there are a number of ways to see France, biking provides an up close and personal way to see the country. Ranked one of the top 10 places to go cycling in France, the Loire River area is a must do.

The Loire River is Frances longest river. Most of the Loire River runs through flat plains, rolling meadows, and in very low populated country side. Thanks to this simple terrain, cycling the Loire River in France can be achieved by even the most novice of bike riders.

Many cycling trip around the Loire River last only a few days. These trips tend to be 4 or 6 days and cover around 60 miles of road. Much of the road you will be cycling on has little to no traffic, helping make it a great novice cycling trip.

Most of the Loire River will provide you with less than breath taking scenery. The real pearl of this trip is the Chateaux of Loire.

Cycling the Loire River in Style
Who: Deluxe Cycling Tours
Cost: 1220 Euros
Length: 6 Days
About the Trip:

Our Loire Valley Cycle Tour takes in a great number of the spectacular chateaux that line the banks of the River Loire. Allow our guides to lead you through the traffic-free lanes to Chateau d’Ussé, the inspiration behind Sleeping Beauty, and Clos Lucé, the temporary residence of Leonardo da Vinci. If you don’t fancy the challenge of the odd hill then this cycle tour is for you with its almost flat sunflower-filled landscape peppered with beautiful towns and villages. The end of the days bring stunning accommodation in beautiful locations accompanied by gourmet traditional food and local wine.

Cycling the Loire River on a Budget
Who: Discover France Self Guided Tours
Cost: 825 Euros
Length: 4 Nights
About the Trip:

Arriving in Amboise and your deluxe manor house will allow you to discover this important town and its chateau. On your way, you will pass and can visit 15th & 16th century Gothic and Renaissance architecture following in the footsteps of the great kings of France. Amboise is the last home of Leonardo da Vinci, and at Chenonceau see exquisite and complex gardens, and several with beautiful rivers as backdrops. The terrain is wonderful for bicycle riding – mostly flat to rolling – and is filled with rivers, trees, and colors.