Diving In the Great Barrier Reef


With some of the most beautiful aquatic scenery in the world, the Great Barrier Reef is a popular diving destination. With its increase in popularity, many charter companies now have something for every budget and every type of person. Whether you’re an advanced diver or afraid of water over your head, there is a way for you to experience the Great Barrier Reef.

Day Trip Prices

  • Snorkeling $100 – $150
  • Diving $200 – $250

What’s Included

Many day trips for diving in the Great Barrier Reef vary from charter to charter. Some may include up to 3 dives in their price, while others don’t. Some charge a rental fee for gear, or may charge extra for a certified dive. More elaborate charter will include lunch and tea with the trip, but the budget end ones tend to cut this from the trip to lower costs.

When planning your day trip to dive the Great Barrier Reef it is worthwhile to do your homework. Take some time to look at all the different charter companies and see what they offer. Cross check prices and services until you find one the best fits your needs and skills.

What to Expect

As I mentioned before, almost no two charters are alike. They all offer the same thing in a variety of ways. Many day trips don’t actually make it to the outer banks of the Great Barrier Reef due to time constraints. Typically a day trip includes destinations around the Inter Great Barrier Reef.

Some of these locations include:

  • Green Island
  • Michaelmas Cay
  • Fitzroy Island

That said, there are a few charters that have faster boats that can make it to the Outter Great Barrier Reef. Like I said, do your homework.

Day trips for diving in the Great Barrier Reef tend to focus more on families and novice divers. These trips usually have something for everyone in the family. There is snorkeling and diving for the water lovers and glass bottom boats for those who want to stay dry.

If you are a hardcore experienced diver, you may way to look into dive specific trips. There are a few charters that cater only to experienced divers. So if you want to weed out all the family’s and annoying 12 year olds on vacation, you may want to check into these dive specific trips to the Great Barrier Reef