Adventure Tours in Fiji

Fiji is a tropical paradise offering a variety of terrains ranging from mountain peaks to lowland river plains. Visitors can take their choice of adventure tours in several types of geography.

This island nation consists of about three hundred major islands and several hundred islets. Of the larger islands, about one hundred are inhabited. The two largest islands are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. The larger islands are volcanic and have rugged terrain with cliffs. Mountain climbing is one of the favourite things to do for travellers on their Fiji holidays, and there are many mountain tours available.

The larger islands are wooded on their windward side and grassy on the leeward side, offering many secluded places to be explored. Many species of animals and plants that are seen here live nowhere else in the world, and travellers in search of unique natural experiences can certainly find them here. There are many hiking and river boating tours which are a perennial favourite for visitors. In particular, the river systems of Fiji are a big attraction for kayakers who can take day trips into forested areas and find the essence of natural Fiji.

With all the beautiful, out-of-the-way places Fiji offers, it’s no surprise that bicycle and motorcycle tours are also a popular activity. In Fiji nature is right outside your hotel, so an afternoon outing on a motorcycle can take the curious traveller deep into unspoiled areas of unparalleled beauty.

The waters around Fiji are home to a flourishing ecosystem that attracts countless visitors. The island group is encircled by coral reefs offering endless opportunities for exploration. There are many boat tours featuring exceptional diving experiences in this natural wonderland, sometimes ending in a picnic lunch in a secluded lagoon.

There are many water tours tailored to certain specific activities, such as jet boating, surfing and leisurely cruising. Jet ski adventures among the islets are a big hit with travellers.

Sport fishers love Fiji. Fishing tours are a huge favourite, offering the chance to catch mahi-mahi, Spanish mackerel, tuna, marlin and wahoo. There is also reef fishing, jigging for tuna and popping/casting, each with its specific tours.

Some say that all this natural beauty can only be taken in from above, and hot air ballooning is certainly a spectacular experience. Ballooning tours attract many enthusiasts every year.

Many tours in Fiji include several activities, allowing their participants to relax, dive, swim, hike around and generally enjoy the place. Fiji even has hot mud pools for deep relaxation.

There are village visits to sample the native culture, jungle treks and visits to gorgeous waterfalls. Fiji is now home to three distinct cultural groups, each with a unique culture. The island of Taveuni has an indigenous culture with a long, proud history. In addition, people of Micronesian and Polynesian ethnicity were relocated in Fiji after World War II, and their descendants now continue their native culture on Rabi and Kioa Islands. Tourists interested in seeing the culture of the islands firsthand can arrange tours of villages.

Photo by: ErinKhoo