Fiji Islands Adventure Cruises

Fiji Islands Adventure Cruises – Luxury Adventure Travel
Tui Tai Adventure Cruises are way to see and experience the remote islands of Northern Fiji is a way you never imagined. To many adventure travelers the words luxury and adventure don’t usually mix. Many “luxury adventures” are designed for the over wieght and over paying tourist. Tui Tai Adventure Cruises has found the perfect harmony of luxury and adventure.

On the companies website they suggest that they offer adventure that doesn’t get in the way of luxury and vice versus.

“Like luxury, adventure can be defined many ways. To our guests it means spontaneity, having the flexibility and the resources to do and see amazing things, both above and beneath the surface. Even on the world’s least trodden beach, or surrounded by the mist of a giant waterfall, you can still get a massage right there – because we set up spa services right there. You might be kayaking up a jungle river, but our support boat makes sure chilled beverages and snacks are waiting for you upstream.”

There is no shortage of genuine adventure travel on these cruises. The ships are loaded with high quality sea kayaks, mountain bikes, scuba gear, snorkeling gear, and much more. The tips include a number of hike dives, snorkeling spots, native village encounters, kayaking trips through the jungle, and so much more.

This perfect balance of luxury and adventure wont come cheap though. If you are looking for a great honeymoon package or just a once in a lifetime luxury vacation, the Tui Tai adventure cruises are what you’re looking for. Rates for these cruises start at around $3,500 per person and go up to over $5,000.

For more information about the Tui Tai Adventure Cruises, check out their website.