Glacier Hikes: Get ’em before it’s too hot! Part 1

In honor of the upcoming day of Climate Action it just seemed right to find some of the best glacier hikes that are still available and share them all with you before time runs out and the sport of glacier hiking gives way to a surge in kayaking.

In this first part of a series sure to last at least two posts, we’ll examine some of the more accessible glaciers around the world at the moment:

Glacier National Park, MT – The obvious choice in this category, it’s one that shouldn’t be missed, while there’s something there to miss! Plenty of guided hikes are available to reach Grinnell glacier. has the scoop.

Washington State – Home to hundreds of named and rapidly retreating glaciers in the Olympic Range, the North Cascades and nestled in among Rainier, Baker and other volcanoes.
Alaska – Behind Washington State, perhaps the most easily accessible of the few locations on earth where many glaciers still exist, there’s plenty of opportunities to get your freeze on, whether it’s a quick day trip from Anchorage to Exit Glacier or a longer and highly-recommended journey to the Wrangell-St. Elias Range.

New Zealand – Surprising to some, a well-kept secret for others, but the word is getting out from the kiwis, who also have some of the world’s most accessible glaciers, notably Fox and Franz Josef.

Mont Blanc, France – The Mer de Glace or “Sea of Ice” is, according to the WikiWorld: ” in the Chamonix valley, it was the first place in the valley to have a custom-made tourist attraction. It was once easily visible from Chamonix, but has been shrinking and is now barely visible from below.”