Hiking the Inca Trail

incatrail400Anyone who visits Southern Peru is sure to visit the wonder that is Machu Picchu. Many of these visitors take the easy route accessing a starting point by train that drops them off relatively close to the ruins themselves. For those who want to really experience Machu Picchu and the history of this mysterious culture, there is the Inca Trail.

The Inca Trail is the original route of the great cities previous residents. This 4 day, 26 mile hike takes you through the tin air of the Andes and past a number of artifacts constructed from the lost inhabitants.

Along the Inca Trail you will climb up and down ancient steps, stone baths, aqueducts, tiers, and tunnels. All of which the Inca people dug out through solid stone. Combine this with the numerous views of the areas towering crests and lush landscape and you’ll wonder why anyone takes the train over this trail.


Don’t plan on doing this trip solo. The Peruvian government has a strict policy on the number of people allowed to hike and visit the ruins. Each hiker must be with a licensed guide and group. A permit is require, but your guide service should take care of this for you.


The most popular months are during the dry season from June through September. Try to beat the crowds by visiting in May. This way you still get pretty decent hiking conditions without the hoard of crowds.

No out of the ordinary gear is needed. Talk to your guide service to see if they recommend anything special for the time of year you will be visiting.