Ice Climbing in Alaska

Ice Climbing in AlaskaAnyone adventure traveler who has ever wanted to visit Alaska wants to do three thing; go dog sledding, visit Denali National Park, and go ice climbing. Sure there are tons of other amazing things to do in Alaska, but these three things are some of the most popular. Lucky for you, all of these things are easy to do.

The summer months are a great time to try your hand ice climbing. The Matanuska Glacier has especially favorable climbing conditions this time of year. This area of Alaska lets you get started in Ice Climbing even if you have no prior experience climbing or trekking.

There are a number of climbing guides in the area who can help you the art and technical side of ice climbing. Many beginner tours tend to be in the 6 hour range. Instructions start off with safety speeches and then cover the gear, how it works, and some basic techniques.

Many of your tours will start out on easy to moderate ice slopes. As the day moves on, so will your challenges. You’ll be given the opportunity to increase the difficulty of your climbs and try your hand at some more advanced ice climbs.

If by chance you are traveling with a group you are likely to get a discount from many of the ice climbing tour guides. But, if you are travelling alone you aren’t out of luck. Many of the tour companies will offer you private ice climbing lesson at a slightly increased price. Some even have group climbs