Post-Commie Adventure on the Cheap: Croatia

Croatia courtesy NatGeo (see below)Donovan and the rest of BNA’s adventure crew have assembled a few quite tempting options for a post-communist adventure in what is quickly becoming the world’s hip new adventure destination: Croatia.

Tired of having to stick to bus routes or hoofing it all over the place with your home strapped to your back? Why not grab a handful of your closest traveling buddies and for around $20 a day or less, just rent a van and have your run of the place? No waiting, no crowded buses, just you and the open road to the Adriatic.

Once you make it, take some time off the road with Sea Kayaking at the Island Of Kolocep, or find more low-cost options here.

For the full low-down, be sure to check out NatGeo Adventure’s declaration- Destination of the Year: Exploring the New Croatia