Sea Kayaking Around the Kenai Peninsula

The Kenai Peninsula is the lesser known of the two major peninsulas in Alaska. You know when you think of Alaska and you see that long skinny peninsula that jets out the South West corner of the state? That’s not it, the Kenai Peninsula is the smaller one right below it.

Although the smaller of the two, theres not much missing on the Kenai Peninsula; except of course a large number of people. The Kenai Peninsula has a vast number of trails and wildlife in its densely pine filled valleys and tundra passes, but the best way to see this part of Alaska is by kayak.

All around the coast of the Kenai Fjords National Park you’ll find endless amounts of finger like coves and an abundance of wildlife. In the water you will regularly see purposises, puffins, sea lions, and any number of hunting birds. Along the coastal shores you may see bears, wolves, or moose.

Although no permits are required Kenai Fjords National Park, if you will be out for a number of days it is recommended to pick one up for safety’s sake. Simply stop in the ranger station and check in; better safe than sorry.

It really depends on what you will be doing more of, kayaking or camping. Either way you are going to want to pack light and conservatively. Remember, you’ll be able to pack what can fit in your kayaking. One thing you wont want to forget is a camera! There are a number of shops around where you can rent kayaks, paddles, and wetsuits.

When to Go
Most tourists like to visit during mid May through early September. These are summer of the warmer summer months for Alaska. If you are up for it though, some of the early and later winter months are especially beautiful.