Snow Spot: The Dakotas

dakotas.jpgSnow has already been falling here in the Rockies. And even though it may not be sticking around for too long just yet, it isn’t too soon to turn our thoughts to ways to preserve our adventurous way of life through the chilly months.

Sure, the conventional wisdom might tell you that the dark months are for flying south to traipse through the jungle, but in this globalized world, our manifest destiny is now circling back upon in itself. In this new world order, we must look inward to find the new promised land, for it lies in the lands that we have overlooked. That is why, our first snow spot of the year is: The Dakotas. That’s right, boys and girls. Forget Aspen, Whistler, Stowe and all the rest. I mean, do you want to play in the snow like our forefathers did or like the Jetsons would?

Ok, so it might be tougher to get the same Adrenaline rush at North Dakota’s Huff Hill as at Telluride, but if you want to escape the masses and get some major h-c points for making a few turns in real winter weather, hit one of the handful of hills in North Dakota like Huff Hills or Frost Fire.

Or to really get out in the Winter Wilderness, wax up your XC rig for some cross-country adventures in South Dakota’s Black Hills. Miles and miles of trails will have you huffing and puffing between views of some of the country’s most underrated beauty.