Turkey Adventure Trip

TurkeyTurkey has become more and more popular on the travel scene, including for adventure trips, and it’s no surprise. Dollar-for-dollar your travel costs are more effective in-country than in any other part of Mediterranean Europe – do we need to really tell you what a higher value for your dollar will deliver?

Yes? No problem! On the 12-day BootsnAll Exclusive Turkey Travel Adventure Trip you get some of everything. Explore Turkey on horseback, go rafting, trekking, cycling, then relax on a 4-day cruise aboard an old-world sailboat in the Med. If you’re feeling up for it, you can go swimming and snorkeling or just lay on board and enjoy the fresh seafood. Also in the included price is two domestic flights in Turkey, so you get to explore more of the country than just a small region like most other trips. All for less than $1800.

Turkey’s culture is a fabulous mix of Eastern European and Mediterranean with some Middle-Eastern thrown in the mix. The Anatolian peninsula which is pretty much most of Turkey is thought to be one of the oldest continually inhabited areas of the world. It’s no surprise, being that it’s the bridge between Europe and the Middle East. Geographically, where else can you go that has both a 17,000 foot mountain peak, and blue Mediterranean waters?

Check out the Turkey Travel Adventure Trip for one of the best values around.