You went where? Adventure in Moldova?

That’s right, time to get edumacated about adventuring in a place you’ve never heard of. That is the whole idea behind this adventure thing, right? This little country sandwiched in between Romania and the Ukraine was once part of both Romania and the USSR, but they’ve been independent since that last big breakup. It has the strange designation of being one of the poorest nations in Europe with fairly conservative minded folks and remarkably liberal laws on gay rights. Go figure.  For travelers, you’re more likely to be interested in the country’s renowned cave monasteries and local wines. The vino helps fuel what is purportedly a wicked nightlife scene in the capital of Chisinau.

Or if you want to experience a rough conflict that nobody’s ever heard of, the breakaway zone Transdniestr isn’t exactly recommended, but it’s Soviet museum is, at your own risk.  To learn about more options for a trip that is sure to make your friends say “where?” and find out where local Moldovans go to camp, Leif Pettersen wrote the book, literally. Some of it is online at