Your Ultimate Adventure Trip

For those that don’t spend much time on BootsnAll’s ubiquitous forums,  there’s been a remarkably long-running thread going on for a few months now on the adventure travel board about what your “ultimate adventure” was or would be.  There’s some truly innovative and imaginative adventures being bandied about over  there,  and I plucked out a few to come up with this list of the BootsnAll members’ “Top 5 Ultimate Adventures.” Enjoy:

5. From halfnine: “For me, I think the ultimate adventure would be a solo, self-supported kite skiing trip across Antarctica. Probably, not viable on many levels, but, I’d settle for a trans Greenland trip instead.”

4. From Bideshi: “I’m planning on attempting my ultimate adventure in June of 2008. I’m hoping to ride a bicycle from Alaska to Argentina.”

3. Stephen Mattison is planning to snowboard down Denali in two years: nice!

2.  Eppyboy is “walking from calais in france down to south africa.”  – Bring some Dr. Scholl’s, my friend! (Hopefully that’ not an exclusively American reference…)

1. Overwhelming, probably more than half the posts referenced Mt. Everest in some way. Looks like despite the crowds, the top of the world remains the ultimate adventure…