Awesome Adventurer: Twice to the top of the world

Allow me to take a second to dole out some props to a fellow Taoseno, ski patroller, and rugged mountaineer, Dave Hahn, who recently tagged the summit of Everest twice in five months. As he points out, there are sherpas that have accomplished the double-tag in a week’s time, but I’m still pretty damn impressed.  He writes all about it on

It has been pointed out to me that climbing Mount Everest twice in five months time is noteworthy. I don’t quibble. After all, I worked hard to accomplish it… and “noteworthy” is ambiguous enough that I’m satisfied that those into trivia would duly note it while those with more important things to think about would rightly dismiss it. In any case, getting up twice was an oblique goal for me… by which I mean that climbing it each of those two times was my only real goal. Afterward, the linkage can be made and I’m happy to declare victory in that quest as well. 

Inspired, I found some pretty interesting stats on the number of summits by year. Also of note, check out the first thin-air copter landing on everest.