Dispatch: Update from El Salvador

Sorry for the radio silence on this end kiddies. We´ve been in El Salvador since Saturday and internet access, along with tourist infrastructure in general, is very thin on the ground here. Strange, El Salvador is the most industrialized of the Central American nations, with top-notch highways and a Pizza Hut on every corner, but it´s much tougher to find a tourist from out of town than a Whopper. In fact, with the exception of a handful of folks on the bus with us from Guatemala City, we have yet to meet or see another foreigner here in the past five days. Currently we´re in Santa Ana, the country´s second city, in town for laundry, shopping and a hollywood flick in the oh-so coveted AC comfort of the theater.  Next it´s back to Guatemala to explore the Garifuna-populated Caribbean coast, on to the Cayes of Belize before returning to the Yucatan and more of the Maya Mundo. Keep in touch!