Dispatch: Yucatan / Tulum (Photos soon)

We touched down in Cancun at about noon today. Smooth sailing at immigration and customs, but we were starving, so we grabbed some terrible airport enchiladas specially made for gringos ($9), you’ll notice some ridiculously overpriced amounts in parentheses for the duration of our travels near Cancun and around the Riviera Maya. Next we caught a luxury bus bound for Playa del Carmen ($8 each) to save us the trip into Cancun town followed by a transfer to an equally comfortable second class bus ($2) that took us to the ruins near Tulum. But we weren’t interested in Mayan history just yet.

First order of business is getting a room to drop our bags and finding a suitable meal. The first two guesthouses from our slightly outdated guidebook were booked, but we found another asking ($45) for a spartan cabana with moisi net and fan next to the beach. Too much? Probably. But it’s high season, we’re hot, tired, sweaty and on our honeymoon, and the view of the beach is awesome.  We take it and head to the kitchen to find some decent food. We get out first decent meal and margarita, but still at a fairly silly price ($15 for two). But money is the least of our concerns now. The Honeymoon Adventure ’07 is underway, and we’re heading for the water….