Getting to know Moab

On this first trip to Moab, we’ve been very pleased. There’s a lot of rivalry, or at least there should be in my mind, between Moab and Taos. Two resort towns of about the same size, set out in picturesque locations in the Great American High Desert (the GAHD), both with four letter nonsense names and amazing scenery. Needless to say the opportunities for adventure in either locale are unending.

The bad news for the folks back in Taos is that an immense network of trails stretching into multiple National Parks, over mountain ranges into Colorado and some truly wicked and bizarre terrain would seem to give Moab a bit of an edge. People do seriously insane things here on mountain bikes that you wouldn’t believe. The also have a skydiving festival every fall. I love New Mexico’s balloon festivals, but a SKYDIVING FESTIVAL?? That’s balls right there.

I highly recommend a trip out here whenever you have the opportunity. Biking, Climbing, hiking Kayaking, oh wait, I didn’t even mention the wonderful things that the Colorado River has done in this area did I? Come to think of it, what am I doing in this cafe? I gotta get back out there! For all the begining info you can swallow on Moab, start here:

I’ll have plenty of photos and more details for you as soon as I’m back this weekend. I still love you, Taos, and I’m coming home soon! Take care!