Internal Flights are Serum for the Soul

We´re in Livingston, Guatemala today, our final stop before boarding a boat and plane tomorrow to move in the Belize cayes. This is our last week and we´re hurrying things along a bit to get some more honeymoon relaxing time in on the beach.

Normally, bussing it across a country is half the adventure. It puts you up close with the real color of a country, its culture, people and landscape. But other times you just need to take it easy.

We´ve run into our fair share of travellers of the full time, hardcore mold, attempting to live with and like the locals in every facet of their trip. There is certainly something to be said for this, and something that should always be attempted often. But until you put in enough years in a place to begin to be seen as a local, keep in mind that you aren´t one, and neither is your body adjusted to local conditions and stresses, so if you need a break for your mental or physical health, by all means, take it. For us, the buses have been a grinding experience this trip, so we´re treating ourselves to an in country flight (Yes, again, for those of you that have been paying attention, closely).

For around a hundred bucks, what would have been two days, a night in a jungle hut and several hours of crowded buses on rough roads has been turned into about 80 minutes of flying. Those two days of relaxing on the beach are bound to mean more to the future of this marriage than they would if they were spent aboard an ancient school bus yet again.