The End of the Adventure

It’s been a bit of time since I’ve posted. We’ve been in travel limbo, that odd period at the end of a trip where it seems to take forever to get home. The round-about circuit on 2nd class Mexican buses to get back to Cancun while fitting in a few last minute sites and side-trips, followed by taxis, immigration, customs, immigration, customs, a night in Florida, another airport, a layover in Dallas, finally to Denver and why did they put that airport so damn far from everything? You get the idea, I think.

After a month of beaches, volcano climbing, cave swimming, failed attempts to surf, and countless bus rides from the Yucatan to El Salvador and back again, we have finally returned to the land of American Idol and Awesome Blossoms. It may still take a while to back in the swing of things, but we will now begin to return this Logue to its regularly scheduled programming with more from the Adventure Travel World beyond just Central America, but I’ll also be filling in some of the blanks from this latest adventure, too. Stay tuned and as always, feel free to add any of your own comments or questions.