Trip Logue – Update

Hey kiddies – When is the National Parks Service going to get around to upgrading to WiFi? I mean, it’s no wonder the anasazi vacated the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde, you can’t even get cell reception up there!

My apologies, but technical difficulties have prevented me from being able to post copious updates and upload pictures from this particular adventure. I promise to relive the entire adventure for you all through a multimedia extravanganza right here on your own AdventureLogue beginning Saturday after I return to the (relative) metropolis of Northern New Mexico.

To preview: So far I’ve spent a day mingling with the spirits of the ancients and followed it up by getting stuck in an electrical / hail storm a little ways of the beaten path in Arches National Park. Tomorrow, it’s on to Canyonlands, hopefully with a litte time left over to hit Slickrock and the other trails here in Moab. Stay Tuned!!