Diving with Sharks

shark.jpgSure, diving with dolphins is cool, but diving with great white sharks is bad ass. (Assuming they don’t rip your arm off that is.) If you’re looking for an adventure vacation that’s a little off the beaten path, why not try a shark diving cruise? It’s like a regular cruise, only with sharks instead of all you can eat shrimp.

The Who
Nautilus Explorer is a small ship charter that takes customers on a number of unique and exciting trips; one of course being, diving with great white sharks. The company has been exposing people to sharks since mid 2005 and has been a big hit since its first shark encounter trip.

The Experience
If you want to go diving with sharks, especially great whites, the island of Guadalupe is the place to do it. Here, Nautilus Explorer will set anchor for a number of days and prepare you for diving with sharks. While you don’t actually swim with the sharks (that’s just silly)you will be able to see them from a shark cage 15 feet below the surface.

The cages use boat based air, not SCUBA tanks. This means even the most inexperienced person will be able to go diving with sharks. This also means that the amount of time you can spend underwater diving with sharks is almost limitless.

How to Do It
If you are interested in diving with sharks, check out the Nautilus Explorer website for more information about this adventure vacation. Trips to the Guadalupe Island last about six days and include 3 days of diving with sharks.