Get Out There in the Midwest: Silo Jumping (No IQ Prerequisite)

Silo backflipThis caught my attention because it’s just down the road from where I went to college. While my education in journalism may have been marginally beneficial, the things that three years in Missouri can teach you about life in the Midwest is priceless. For example: It is believed that the fields of the Midwest could supply enough food every year to feed the whole world for that time twice over. And, the boredom of living among these fields can drive you to do things like Silo Jumping as our friends at GetOutdoors point out. What is Silo jumping? If you have to ask, you’ve clearly never lived in the Midwest. To demonstrate, I found this clip from YouTube. As you can see, it helps if your silo is flooded. Often times there are bungees involved, or for smaller silos, you can go totally freestyle like this guy.