Round the World Trips

1029412101_e974d5ca4bIf you ask me, the ultimate adventure anyone can go on is a round the world trip. What could possibly be more exciting than selling everything you own and taking a year off to travel the world? Who knows, in that amount of time you could possibly find some way to support your self while you travel. Then you could live the dream and travel indefinitely! You might even find out that somewhere else in the world is the place that is truly meant to be your home. Not to mention that your soul mate could be living half way across the world! Regardless of why you want to travel, a round the world trip is a big deal and requires a lot of planning!

Obviously, the first place to start planning your trip is to decide on the places you want to visit. It is best to pick out major countries to visit and then space out your time between each country accordingly. This will allow you plenty of time to travel other nearby countries as well.

Once you have your basic itinerary setup it is time to start looking for round the world airfare. Because you will be flying so much and need such a specialized type of ticket, you will really want to shop around to find the cheapest tickets. After all, this ticket will take up a large portion of your budget. There are a number of travel providers that specialize in setting up round the world airline tickets. These guys can really help you plan your trip to fit your needs and budgets.

One thing that shouldn’t be over looked when planning a round the world trip is travel insurance. This can be a huge blessing should something bad happen to you physically. Aside from serious injury, travel insurance can also help you if you have your gear and personal property stolen. When buying travel insurance, just make sure you know what it covers and what it doesn’t as far as personal items are concerned. Some place wont cover things like computers or expensive cameras unless you pay extra for them.