Wwoofing: An Adventurous way to get your hands dirty

The Lovely Johanna DeBiase and friendWe’ve delved into the world of Wwwoofing here in the past, although I don’t think I identifed it by it’s proper name last time. But if you recall my post: Hidden Treasure: Phoudindaeng, Laos , which has consequently been one of the most visited posts here on AL, you’ll remember an organic Mulberry farm in central Laos where plenty of foreigners and locals both worked to improve and maintain the farm, which provided food for the local community, as well as a backpackers’ cafe in town.

What I neglected to mention is that the Phoudindaeng Organic Farm is just one of many in a global movement known as Wwoofing, an excessively silly acronym for World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.

This article caught my eye on the subject. But for more information, I would suggest starting at the Wwoofing International homepage. A great report and more resources are also available from our friends at Good Dirt Radio. And of course, our own Mary from ecotravellogue did actually beat me to the punch on this one.