Working as a Sled Dog Handler

Sled Dog Jobs
Now that the summer season is behind us, many seasonal workers will be looking for a new job. Sure, you could always go the obvious routes which include ski resorts or unemployment, but what fun is that? As exciting as unemployment is, why not head to Alaska and work as a sled dog handler?

Maybe you’ve read to many Jack London books, perhaps you just want to see what Alaska is all about, or maybe you just can’t get unemployment; either way, a winter in Alaska isn’t something you’ll soon forget.

But I have no experience racing sled dogs, let alone training them you say? What if I told you that was actually a plus? Many dog mushers are very particular about the way they do things. They would rather train you their way from the start then have to recondition you from another mushers way of doing things.

The only down fall to working as a dog handler is that it usually doesn’t pay much, if anything. Mostly the job is for free room and board. Some big name mushers will pay their handlers, but not much. Many mushers will also let you keep any money you win from races you run in.

If you’re interested in getting into being a dog handler, check out Sled Dog Central. It’s not the prettiest website, but it’s the best resource for the sport. There is a classified section that has dog handler positions.