15 Guidelines For Chinese Tourists Abroad

China EtiquetteI had to share these with you. It was too funny not to post. In fact, I think I may be inspired to draft my own guidelines for American Tourists traveling abroad, it’s long overdue. More on that laterIn the meantime, here’s the guidelines published and distributed inside China for their countrymen going abroad:

  1. Do not spit in public
  2. Do not litter in public pages
  3. Line up, don’t jump the queues at public venues
  4. Do not make pictures when a sign says “no pictures”
  5. Do not talk in loud voices
  6. Do not polish your shoes with bed linen or the hotel towel
  7. Do not smoke in Non-smoking areas
  8. Wear proper clothes
  9. Do not strip down to to the waist (for men) when it’s hot
  10. Do not wear pajamas in supermarkets or on the street
  11. Do not remove shoes and socks in airport terminals
  12. Men, observe the “ladies first” rule
  13. Flush after using the toilet
  14. Do not block other pedestrians by walking side by side on sidewalk

    And last but not least

  15. Do not force foreigners to pose for pictures.