Wend Magazine

Wend Magazine
Wend Magazine – Not your typical travel magazine.

In travels magazines quests to be unique, they all end up being the same. Many are filled to brim with ads, have more “top 10” lists than articles, and lack inspiration. Short of some great travel photography, many of these magazines fail to really inspire any of my senses. Dare I say many of them are like a bad trip? And I don’t mean the kind you pack for.

Wend magazine is like a breath of fresh air in the travel magazine genre. They cater to the true life adventurer; the people who get up 5:30 in the morning to hike their kayak five miles uphill for some serious class five whitewater. Not those guys who drop a couple G’s for a guided tour down some rolling rapids with a catered lunch break in the middle. No sir, Wend is about real adventure.

In every issue of Wend magazine you’ll find a section of feature articles that are written by the readers who experienced them. These aren’t paid assignments, but simply a reader’s account of one of their very own trips. You don’t have worry about shameless self promotion or biased opinions here. These stories are nothing short of real, pure, excitement; something that inspires.

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