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Not exactly what you have in mind when you think adventure, but some hotels are an adventure in themselves. When searching for the perfect hotel for your adventure travel, don’t be put off by the word “hotel” in your guide book. Many third world countries use the term loosely. To some a hotel may mean a Days Inn, but to others in say, Costa Rica, it may be a set of bamboo stilt house in the rain forest. Not a bad “hotel” for an adventure traveler.


Hostels are great for adventure travelers because they allow you to mingle with other travelers easily. There aren’t the formalities that you find at resorts and hotels. People here are usually willing to lend a hand or some advice. These are a great place to find adventures that aren’t in the guide book or off the beaten path. You can also talk to other travelers who may have used a tour operator and see what they thought. You may find out that the $80 canopy tour you really wanted to try out was nothing more than a few ropes and a swing.