5 Awesome Adventures in New Zealand

new-zealand-adventures.jpgToobing the Tuma Tuma – Forget whitewater rafting, here its all about the backwater. This is a tubing adventure you wont soon forget. Spend hours floating, crawling, and scrambling around an underground river. The underground river runs the beautiful and unspoiled Waitomo Caves. Durring your trip you’ll climb through dry sections of the river and encounter spectacular rock formations, glowing worms, and the famous Glowworm Grotto.

Dolphin Encounter Kaikoura – While Im not saying swimming with dolphins in a pool at some park isn’t cool. It’s a whole lot cooler to do it with them in their natural environment. Off the coast of Kaikoura you can swim with Dusky Dolphins in the open sea. Come in full contact with dolphin pods that can be a thousand strong.

Sail NZ Americas Cup Sailing Experience – Feel what its like to be on one the New Zealand’s Americas Cup racing sailboats. Find out what it takes to operate one of these well oiled machines. Normally an activity of billionaires and extreme yacht racers, , sailing on one these is better than any roller coaster. After a safety briefing the sails are hoisted and the passengers become part of the crew.

Hanmer Springs Thermal Reserve – After a long day of adventurous exploring, make your way to the Hanmer Springs Thermal Reserve to relax and heal those sore muscles. The springs are a series of several natural hot water springs. The springs are full of minerals which are said to relieve arthritis and other simple pains.

Whale Sightings By Plane – Its fun to look for whales by boat, but to truly appreciate their granger, you have to see them by plane. Take a plane trip around the Kaikoura Peninsula and the Seaward Kaikoura Ranges and you will not only see outstanding views of the scenery, but wildlife as well. See the large sperm whale in its natural environment along with pods of thousands of dolphins and