Adventure Planning: Yucatan and Flight Planning

So I guess it’s time I tried to walk the talk and actually go find a little adventure, rather than just type about it. Well there’s no turning back now. As you might recall from my post: Adventure Planning – Yucatan, Part 1,  my wife and I have been planning to head south for a belated honeymoon.  Here’s a quick update: the tickets are booked, and an itinerary is coming together.  If you’re planning an adventure of your own in the near future, here’s a few tips on booking flights:

  • If you’re planning on flying, why not make that trip international? Don’t stop in Miami, head all the way to Jamaica. Domestic flights in the U.S. are overbooked and overpriced right now, and travel analysts expect that trend to hold steady through 2007. The good news is that international flights are dirt cheap along many routes. How does a round-trip direct flight from Fort Lauderdale to Cancun for under $200 sound? These aren’t red-eye flights either. That rate is even cheaper if you don’t mind putting up with Miami International. Plenty of other great deals are out there, and a good place to start your search is .
  • If you absolutely have to fly domestically, it’s also a good time to cash in those frequent flyer miles. Struggling airlines are making miles both harder to earn and spend. Use them now while they’re still valuable. It can be much easier than looking for a reasonably priced flight in the current market.

  • No miles? Poor schmuck. Well, start earning ’em! can help.