An Open Apology to my Fleece

How could I have ever doubted you? Just two days ago I levelled a serious blow against you,  my gray, lightwight love, and through some extension I’m sure, the entire synthetic overwear industry, by claiming that I wished I had never brought you along with me on this Central American trek. Now I must say that I was wrong, I am fool, and I can only dream that you’ll have me back…

Too bulky I said. I declared you worthless in the central jungles, irrelevant on the Caribbean waters. Damn these stupid fingers and this enabling keyboard! Within hours of that foolhardy post, the rains began to pour on the Caribbean shore (and I made a note to use that clever rhyme in this apology. Having second thoughts on that now.) and I came crawling back into your arms and sturdy zipper.

I may have rejected you harshly, but you were still there for me the next mornings when the rains and chill winds refused to let up. Adding injury to the insult, I used you to keep my backside dry as we boarded a ferry to carry us to the next country. You swallowed your pride, forgot my betrayal and kept me dry. You even dried yourself with great haste using those remarkable synthetic qualities that I had so quickly forgotten.

Please find it in your polyester heart to forgive me. You are always welcome in my pack, even in an Amazonian swelter.



P.S. – Sorry about the aftermath of the drinking that one night….