Be Adventurous When it Comes to Eating in Hawaii

Any vacation can be an adventure. Some define adventure linked to an adrenaline rush; it may come from bungee jumping, white water rafting, snorkeling or hiking. And for some – myself included – exploring the culinary delights of a new place is an adventure!

When you look for your next flights on Hawaiian Airlines , how about planning to fly to Maui? Book one of the cheap hotels on Maui and make plans to explore the superb island.

If you don’t like the cold weather in Continental US then planning a vacation in Maui in January or February is the best way to escape the snow and cold temperatures. The island’s natural beauty recommends it as a place to explore the nature. Among hikes on volcanoes and enjoying the sun on the beach, don’t forget to eat like a local on Maui . And by the way, it’s actually cheap to enjoy an interesting and good meal if you know where to find it. Whether you are after Japanese food or good old American hot dog, you can find them all here.

And remember, regardless of what you plan to do once you arrive in Hawaii, always leave room for some romance. You’ll fall in love with the sunsets, sunrises and the landscape…and we are pretty sure that you’ll end up planning your next St. Valentine’s escape on one of the Hawaiian islands.