Blogging Latin America in English

Ok, so maybe I’m posting this for my own benefit as much as anyone elses, but if, like me, you are planning a trip to Latin America in the not-to-distant future, it is helpful to have a source of on-the-ground information besides Lonely Planet or one of the other guidebooks, unless you like eating at the same restaurants and staying at the same places as thousands of other touristas. Fortunately, the blogosphere (god, I hate that term) provides us with a wealth of constantly updated information. Even more fortunately, a woman more dedicated than I, Ellen Fields of the blog Mexico-in-English, has taken the time to comb through many of the English-language Latin America blogs out there to provide us these links to the best:

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Mexican Laws
My Life in Chacala
Ricardo’s Blog
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Yucatan Living
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2035 miles
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The Cancun Blog
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