Blogging through conflict…

In my last post, I advised you all to check in with local bloggers when traveling through countries in conflict. I guess it’s only fair that I reveal to you one of my secret weapons when it comes to getting the news on the ground from around the globe before the international press. My first stop is usually an outfit called Global Voices Online, a clearinghouse for bloggers worldwide like:

  • Afghan WarriorCurrently taking a hiatus to write for the New York Times, but when he’s attending to his blog it provides timely insight and analysis on life and the situation in Afghanistan.
  • AfricaBeat can get you on the ground on that continent pretty quickly. Be sure to check the links to other bloggers.
  • And of course, if you really want to see the world at its worst at the moment, something I’m certainly not endorsing, you could start at Iraq Blog Count.

That’s just a few top blogs I pulled down from GVO in a few minutes. Hunt around yourself to find out what’s really happening in the world.