Climbing in the Grand Tetons

grand-tetons.jpgIf you are thinking about going climbing in the Grand Tetons of Wyoming, theres one name you need to know; Exum Mountain Guides. Exum Guides have been taking novice and experienced climbers up the Grand Tetons since the 1920’s the company was founded by Glen Exum, one of the first men to guide climb on the Grand Tetons. If that’s not enough reputation for you, I don’t know what is.

While the Grand Teton its self may not be for the novice climber, there are plenty of other routes and spots to climb all over the mountain. What if you don’t know how to climb? No worries, many of the climbs start with a quick introduction in climbing techniques. You will learn and practice some of the standard climbing moves and techniques on some of boulders around the area.

The guides at Exum are some of the best in the world. Every instructor here is easily a legend in their own right. Its not uncommon to get a guide that has been climbing for over 40 years. Last time I went, I climbed with an 70 year old man who was the first person to climb and make the route up El Capitan. Pretty freakin impressive.

Its not often that I so strongly recommend a company, but the Exum Mountain Guides are some of the best in the world, extremely friendly, and all around great people. Its no wonder they are the leader in guiding trips up the Grand Tetons and rated one of the best travel companies in the world. Check out the Exum website here.