Hanging from the Outside of our Pack – Compass

Our world is increasingly dominated by GPS and other satellite technology, but for any adventure, an old-fashioned, functional compass is an essential tool. I hate to admit it, but I’ve only recently discovered this, and the credit rests with my wife who had the forethought to strap a cheap, keychain-sized “analog GPS” to her pack before this trip.

Now, surely anyone who spends anytime in any kind of backcountry anywhere wouldn’t be caught dead without one, but being able to quickly and easily orientate yourself even in a new town can save hours of wandering around and hoping the locals will be able to understand you and know how to help you find where you’re going. A quick flick of the wrist and you’ve located magnetic north as well as which way is which on that never-detailed-enough map in your guidebook.

Bootsnall gear offers one way to know both the time and magnorth with this compass watch. 

For something more traditional, check out the Highgear Trail Pilot.