Naked Air

Talk about packing light! Thanks to Naked Air, you won’t have to pack much more than your birthday suit! From the minds at Castaway Travel, a clothing optional vacation planner, a now clothing optional airline has emerged. Naked Air is the first ever nude airline to hit the skies.

The inaugural Naked Air flight was from Miami to Cancun, Mexico. The Naked Air flight was part of a Naked Week vacation put together by Castaway Travel. Although Naked Air guests were required to participate in Naked Week in order to fly with the airline, many of the guests happily signed up for the whole vacation package.

From the Website:

” Ninety intrepid adventurers, passengers and crew enjoyed the first nude flight on a commercial airliner May 3 from Miami to Cancun, Mexico. A chartered Boeing 737 carried the first ever NAKED AIR flight sponsored by Castaways Travel of Houston, Texas. The professionally dressed crew remained clothed throughout the flight, adhering to standard operating rules of the Federal Aviation Association (FAA). Only the passengers disrobed after “take off” and remained nude for level flight until the captain called for clothes and landing procedures upon approaching the Cancun International Airport. Length of the NAKED AIR flight from Miami to Cancun was one hour fifteen minutes. Most passengers were on their way to the El Dorado and Hidden Beach Resorts for NUDE WEEK, also sponsored by Castaways Travel”

A round trip ticket for a flight from Miami to Cancun, Mexico on Naked Air starts at about $499. If you are interested in learning more about the history of Naked Air and Nude Week, check out the companies blog about the first Naked Air Flight, here.