Rome Adventures: When in Rome, Go Hostel, not hostile

News flash to all you that have never ventured beyond the golden shores of the American hemisphere: The Colosseum in L.A. wasn’t the first. I’m talking about Rome baby, and I’m not just misspelling a popular place to grab some ribs. If you’re making a trip to land of the Mediterranean boot, Jessica over at our brand-spankin’ new Italy Logue can be your guide.

The rest of our BootsnAll family can get you around the world to Rome and still leave you plenty of cash so you don’t end up scrubbing the decks of some Greek guys yacht all Spring. After all, going from Roman to Greek times is a step backwards isn’t it? No offense to my Greek friends, love the Ouzo, keep it coming, boys.

Check in at to get the best deal across the pond (or over the channel, or across lower Asia, wherever you are, we can find a new-fangled flying machine to take you where you want to be.) Once you’ve made to the center of empires past, you’ll need a place to crash on the cheap. Check out our directory to Hostels in Rome. Don’t sweat it, there’s over 400 possible accomodations to choose from. Finally to get the skinny from the street check in on the discussion on the boards, like this one.